Thursday, April 29, 2010

Intro & Haul

Hey, welcome to my very first post.
My blog will mostly be product reviews for now
but will also include some randomness
Take a look at the "About Me" & "Intro" section to learn a bit about me ^.^

I decided to make my first post a haul.
I recently bought a bunch of Korean products.
Which includes some stuff from Etude House, Skin79, & Missha.
I really wanted to restock on BB Cream and ended up getting a couple of other things.

Anyways I got:
Etude House:
BB Magic Balm
BB Magic Pact
Moistfull Collagen Essence-in Foundation
Color Me Nude Lip Concealer

Super Plus BB (Hot pink)
The Oriental Perfect Cover BB Cream

M Perfect Cover BB Cream (shade #23)

I also got some other things not pictured,
I'm not sure if I'm selling those or not, I always get extra just incase someone wants one (my mom, relatives or friends) plus it saves on shipping.
the other things I got were:
The gold version of the skin79 cream,
Skin 79: Diamond Prestige BB, Absolute Total BB cream, All Day Sun powder,
Super Plus BB (silver)
Homme triple action bb cream for men (had to get something for the bf)
Missha: BB boomer & M BB cream
So if i end up keeping them I'll do reviews for those also.

For those who don't already know BB stands for Blemish Balm.
It was supposedly first used as an after-surgery cream.
It covers and helps the skin heal at the same time, then it was later manufactured as a beauty product.

Its like an all purpose foundation/base, some people use it as a base or use it offers coverage and also certain benefits to the skin like sun protection, whitening, evening complexion and etc.
There are many types of BB creams out there with different benefits, ingredients and functions. I personally love the SPF it is very convenient!
Well I'll be doing the reviews for these very soon, so check that out.
Bai bai!


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