Friday, February 19, 2016

FXEYES contact lens review FOXX and Livia with Photos

What are FXeyes Contact Lenses?
They are hand painted custom colored contact lenses.
These contact lenses are meant to have a more natural look than other colored contacts.  The colors are very opaque so its ideal for turning dark eyes to light.  Here is my thorough review of FXeyes natural hand painted contact lenses.

The Process:
             Since they are custom please expect the process to take a while, I have a toric prescription so there was an additional step. Basically their process is as follows:

1.     Select the lenses and submit RX if you have one (additional cost) make the purchase and make the order. Make sure you have the iris and clear pupil hole size correct, this cannot be changed once they make it.
2.     New orders take at least 10 weeks to be made
3.     After receiving lenses check them out, if there are adjustments to be made, pack it up and ship it to them with instructions at your cost. (adjustments usually mean they darken it for you if it’s too light)
You must do this within 45 days of receiving  your lenses or there will be a $50 tone down fee
4.     Wait another 10-15 days and repeat this process until they are where you want them to be
5.     Enjoy your lenses for 1 year with great care, they do offer services for restoring them if they fade, but of course you have to ship it in and wait again, also they charge $75 if the lenses are over a year old

It sounds like a lot to go through, but I was still a bit excited because at the time I just started wearing contact lenses and could not find any colored lenses in my high Astigmatism prescription

The cost:
FXeyes Natural hand-painted lenses go from $475 - $525 (at the time of this review). Sphere RX add $48.50, Toric RX (astigmatism) add $180.00.
Shipping Cost within the US is $21 - $35

Yes they are pretty pricy for contact lenses. I didn’t mind at this time because my normal clear prescription wasn’t far behind in cost, so I figured I’d give it a try.

My Experience:
I ordered FOXX and had it pre-darkened which they do not recommend, but I didn’t need to send it back to be darkened so that was nice.
It is thick, if you’re not used to thick contact lens there might be an adjustment period for you.  There was some tunnel vision for me (4.5 mm pupil) you kinda get used to it after a while, but it does get annoying at times. It is not recommended to drive while using these lenses.

My lenses faded after 3 months and I had to send it in to be retouched.

It looks beautiful in natural light, in photos and in videos.
They use high quality contact lenses

When I’m under artificial lighting sometimes it turns this green, a really  un-natural shade of green. (for the FOXX and Livia I’ve Had)
The cost is very high for colored contact lenses, The wait time for the process is also very long.
Any additional adjustments result in fees and more waiting time and shipping costs ($21 each time)

Right when I got them

Problems I’ve had..
Okay so for my first order of FOXX I ordered a 14mm iris with 4.5mm pupil hole.
I loved it, but the iris seemed a bit smaller than expected, so when the time came to order another pair, I got Livia and decided to make it 15mm based of my previous lenses. (I wanted to make them 1mm larger)
When I received them I was shocked to see the iris was sooooo much bigger, it looked scary!! How can 1mm make such a big difference.

So I realized that my previous lenses were made to 13mm instead of 14mm… so I should’ve ordered the LIVIA in 14mm…. had I known that the FOXX were actually in 13mm I would’ve done that…

Anyway I called them and explained my predicament, that if they had gotten he first order correct I would’ve ordered the second one based off that.  They said they would correct anything they did wrong and just to send them in for measurement…  I explained to them that I was fine with the FOXX even though it was 13mm instead of 14mm it still looked fine and that my main problem was my LIVIA at 15mm which looked scary.   The customer service (which I believe is just one lady) says okay. So I send them in, they confirmed that they DID get my first order wrong. I get them back and they extended my FOXX iris by adding a thick limbal ring (does not blend as well)….  I called them and told them that FOXX wasn’t my problem and that LIVIA was the main concern. They pretty much told me there was nothing they could do about it, no refund no re-do. I spoke to the owner and he suggested I wear them for Halloween, with a tone I did not appreciate.  The only thing they can do is give me a discount (unnamed amount) next time I order (if I ever order again).

After all the stress and money I put into this, I don’t know if it’s worth ordering again. Yes they are beautiful in photos and videos, but so are many other lenses. They are barely functional or comfortable. In person they kinda pop out, I mean no matter how realistic, you can always tell contacts are contacts.

      There are many more affordable brands to try if you want to change your eye color for a bit.

Maybe I'll give them another try one day, but after my experience I don't know if it would be anytime soon.  I know if my RX wasn't so high then I couldn't justify paying sooo much for cosmetic contact lenses, but thats just me.

note: I did end up using the LIVIA as zombie lenses (SMH) I jsut didnt want to waste them, but definitely not for everyday.. 

Nowadays I prefer my natural color much more, after exploring the world of colored contact lenses :)

Just for fun: here’s a video of celebrities switching eye colors, how much of the difference does it make?


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