Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lazy Panda is back! out on my own with no wisdom teeth

Wow  no blogging for 2 months! well this is all due to moving out on my own during finals week! can you imagine the stress bubbles? Another happy moment is when a strange man  cut open my gums drilled into my jaw and pulled my only wisdom tooth (poor little thing) , don't worry he was a dentist.

I have sooo soo much reviews to post so please don't go anywhere and stay posted ^.^

I am still working on the blog shop, I started on weebly and then found out you need to pay to add a certain amount of products. I am working on getting it on storenvy.

There will be lots of korean products some phone cases, deco tape and more.
So if you are interested keep posted.

Im trying my best to get everything sorted, post more and grow
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Me and my mommy :)

Stay Postive

Monday, April 14, 2014

Moving, Gifts from Japan, and Blog Shop

Again, I have not been an active blogger lately. It’s because I am in the long stressful process of moving. It involves going through all my things and sorting them,
What to keep? What to throw away? What to sell? What to Donate? 
It can be a very long process, plus I’m a bit of a hoarder so it makes it tougher.

Of course there are fun moments while cleaning and sorting, like finding long forgotten treasures!

Among the treasures I found the Souvenirs (お土産)  that my Bestie brought back from Japan a couple years back. I put it in storage and forgot >.<.  I’m so happy I found all these cute little gifts.

He bought me a Pink Hello Kitty tote bag and filled it with all kinds of goodies.
Here are some photos

I love finding forgotten goodies!

A lovely Hello Kitty Plush Pillow and Slippers

Lovely Drawstring Pouch Bags, Perfect for carrying Cosmetics

Lookie at that cute Little Smoothie Charm

These are just sooo adorable, I love rabbits! I have six of them and will write a post about them soon!

This Mickey Mouse Macaron Necklace is one of my favorites of the goodies!

This Bow ring is super cute in person

Finding lost treasures, is always a pleasant surprise and a good motivator to clean your room! lol

Blog Shop

So I will be setting up a blog shop soon, sort of a moving sale.
I need to clear my room of a lot of stuff and also raise some funds for the moving process itself.

I will be selling a lot of Korean cosmetics and Skincare products. All of it will be New, Fresh, Unopened, and Unused. 

I usually order a lot of extras and in big quantities when I shop, my mom and her friends usually have me make orders. My mom also sells to some of her co workers and my  friends also like to place orders. Anyway I always end up with extra.  I will be listing those since I need to minimize on the stuff I'm moving

Friends and Family are also giving some things to sell to help raise some funds for the move :)

I will post when the blog shop is ready.

I am open to swap with other bloggers but will probably set that up after I move, let me know if you are interested. I will have a lot of New Korean Make-up and Skin Care available as well as other cute items. I will post more information regarding this later.

Thank you for Stopping by!
Love Always, Mari

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Review of Tmart 12 Piece Professional Brush Set in Purple

Hello Everyone
Tmart (Tmart.com) recently sent me a 12 piece brush set to be reviewed. This was the first time an item was sent to me. Even though this item was sent, you will get nothing but my honest opinion and impressions.

The brushes come in a convenient roll-up travel case. I love that the set is purple!
The first thing I check when getting new brushes is softness and texture.  There is nothing worst than a rough make up brush. With these brushes I was pleasantly surprised, they were soft and felt good on the skin, which is very Very important.

I usually rough up my brushes first to get the fall out hairs out of the way. Happy to see that there is no fall out here. The set comes with 12 brushes and a metallic purple roll up case, it doesn’t mention it on the listing, but I believe these are Synthetic. I prefer synthetic brushes because they can be used with creams, liquids, oil-based products. This set kind of reminds me of my Bubbi Brush set because of the case and the handles.

I used the powder brushes to either set my make up or for powder blush (currently using Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Finishing Powder). I don’t use them for creams or liquids because they are on the fluffier side so for me it’s best for powders and blending. I prefer the Beauty Blender or a flat-top brush to apply the liquid foundations or BB creams.  But these powder brushes are good at what they are made to do.

The brushes have a wood and alloy handle
The Fan-Brush can be used to sweep away eyeshadow fall out or excess powder.

The Oblique eyebrow brush is not really what I pictured, usually you would think the slanted brush.  I actually use the smaller brushes mostly for eyeshadows, the smaller ones are great for detail. I do wish the Lip Brush was a bit thicker.

As for the smudge brush (sponge) I usually use these brushes for apply glitter or correcting mistakes when I don’t have q-tips. 

Awesome Price, and Great Quality for the price
If you want a good starter set or travel kit or if you just like to try and collect brushes, then you may want to try these.

I am always excited to discover products for a good deal, I don’t believe a brush needs to cost $20 plus each to work properly. Elf studio brushes is a good example of this. These brushes are pretty and come at a very low price.

You can get the 12 piece Professional brush set here: Tmart Make Up Brushes

I haven’t had any experience purchasing from t-mart yet, so if you do buy something, please let me know how it goes.

Thank You for reading ^.^

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Review Geo Princess Mimi Apple Green (Bambi Series) Contact Lens from Pinky Paradise

Hope everyone had a great St. Patrick's Day, in the spirit of green day I will be doing a review on Geo Princess Mimi Apple Green Circle Lens.

The Specs:
Diameter: 15.0 mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.7mm
Life Span: 1 year

This is my first time ordering circle lens as well as my first time ordering form pinkyparadise.com
It was a very quick and painless process and I was very pleased.  Shipping from Malaysia to the US was very fast ( I chose Fedex)

The Package came very secure and they include a free lens case with every pair.
They also had authenticity stickers on the vials (GEO).

I originally just wanted to get brown circle lens to try out but ended up adding these last minute.

I was actually surprised at their size when I first opened them, I thought they would be a little bigger.
Probably because my prescription lenses are much larger due to my astigmatism.
I actually wasn't sure how this would fit and feel on my eyes since I have very high astigmatism.
I was pleasantly surprised to fine that I could wear them  with no problem and without them moving around like I thought they would.

I am used to wearing very thick, large contacts for my high astigmatism
These were very comfortable, compared to my other lenses and compared to wearing none at all. Sometimes I'd forget I was wearing these

The color changes with the lighting, sometimes it's very subtle sometimes it pops.
I don't think it's meant to look natural, it does give a slight enlarging effect.
I was really hoping they would be bigger since I chose the largest size.
It has a nice gradient that blends to your eye-color.

I am hoping to try more contact lenses in the future now that I know I can wear plano!
I will also be trying some toric ones after I get the final prescription from my doctor :)

Thanks for reading ^.^

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Review of TONYMOLY Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream (exfoliate)

I wish it was Spring break..
So today I was in need of an exfoliator, I realized I haven't exfoliated in a long while.

I went for TONYMOLY Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream. I didn't want to open it because of the adorable packaging  (I'm such a hoarder)
It was bigger than I imagined, fits in the palm of my hand, pretty much medium apple size.

It comes in the form of a lovely Green Apple

It boasts  3 in 1 functions: Massage, Moisturizing Pack and Exfoliating
 Peel = Exfoliation
comes with 80g of product

Special Ingredients:
Green Apple Extract 
AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid)
Papaya Extract

The Green Apple extract contains Vitamin A, B1, and C
these vitamins help with blemishes and aging skin.
Alpha Hydroxy Acid helps naturally exfoliate skin by loosening dead skin cells.
The Pectin in the apple ingredient also helps with reducing pore size

This is why I love korean skincare, I love reading the labels for the ingredients. There is so much variety and they are usually multi-functional

  How do you use it?
Apply to the face (avoid eyes and lips)
Massage for 1-2 minutes 
Leave on for 30 seconds
Then Massage again to loosen the dead skin cells 
Wash off with warm Water

After opening you get a tub of white cream
The texture feels smooth with a sprinkle of very tiny grains like fine sand, but you could miss it if you weren't feeling for it.

The Smell:
Smells like Green Apple of course!
It's light and not overwhelming

After using it my skin felt smoother and definitely moisturized.

Why is it important to exfoliate?
It removes the dead skin cells we naturally shed revealing smoother skin.
Without exfoliating the dead skin cells can clog your pores.
It promotes even skin-tone by helping the skin regenerate faster, the dark spots and blemishes get shed with the old skin, leaving you with fresh smooth skin.

If you are looking for a gentle exfoliator that moisturizes, TonyMoly Appletox is worth giving a try. Its great for dry skin, or if your skin is too sensitive for the tougher exfoliators
Plus it looks super cute on your vanity or bathroom counter.

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Review of Etude House Correct & Care CC Cream 8 in 1 Glow and Silky

Again I'm lagging behind with my blogging >.<
I need to come up with a Speech for school and it's driving my anxiety up overdrive!

Okay to the point! I have been Using the Etude House Correct and Care CC Cream Lately , So now I can finally review them for you.

Etude House 8 in 1 Multi-Function Correct and Care CC Cream 

The 8 functions are:

• Anti-Aging
• Stress Relief
• Hydration
• Whitening
• Sun Protection (SPF30 PA++)
• Tone-up
• Smooth Texture
• Luminosity

The come in tubes with pumps (35g or 1.23 oz)
Very Compact and can easily fit in your cosmetic bag.

These don't come with an option of any shades, since it's supposed to change to match to your skin tone. What I do like about the Etude House CC Cream is that is comes with a choice of finish, Silky or Glow

When you pump it out it comes out as a white cream, then slowly adapts to your skin color.

Coverage is Light - Medium, However I use it as a base under my foundation during the day so I get the coverage and benefits of a CC Cream.

Which Finish to Choose?
It's up to your preference, 
I love the Silky finish and I definitely use it over the Glow
Living in a Hot Tropical place and it can get humid and the Silky finish helps prevent that shiny look.
If your skin is on the dry side I would go with Glow if you want that dewy finish

I find it lighter on my skin than the Skin79 BB Cream ,which why I have been using the Etude House CC Cream more lately, it also has a higher SPF

Tip: Using SPF in the day is very important ( the sun rays can reach you through windows)
but it doesn't look too well with flash photography, so if you are going to a night event try to avoid it  or too much of it. Another option is to put foundation over it.

Warning: Don't Forget the Sunblock..
My mom got stuck in traffic for a significant amount of time in direct sunlight with her windows up and AC on. The UV rays penetrated the glass and her face ended up getting severely burned and damaged. It was not the normal sunburn,  she had dark pigmentation on both cheeks for 2 years and not to mention the unseen skin damage it may have caused. So I always remind her to put on unblock, so now she never forgets her bb or cc cream. So I always stress the importance of Sunblock!

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

DIY: iPhone 5 Floral Skull with Hot Pink and Black Rhinestones Phone Case Decoden

Decided to do a Quick Phone DIY the other day. I was feeling hot pink and black, Phone Cases are a great way to accessorize so i always like to have different ones around.

Materials Needed:
Phone Case : Here I used an iPhone 5 5s Case
Rhinestones : Hot Pink and Black (mixed sizes)
Floral Skull Flat Back
E6000 Glue
Weldbond Glue 
Rhinestone Pencil
Pointed Tweezer
Orange Sticks
Paper Towels

Glue Large Pieces first with E6000, Let dry for about 30 min
Another option for the bow placement is...

Apply Weldbond Glue to the Eye socket of your skull using an orange stick. I like to use Weldbond for rhinestones I find it easier to work with, You can also use E6000

Get your Rhinestones ready

Apply the Hot Pink rhinestones using the rhinestone pencil and an orange stick to assist you.
The Weldbond glue will turn clear when it dries.

Now do the same for the Black Rhinestones. I usually go around the big pieces first and then fill in the spaces. Let Dry and you got yourself a new Phone Case!


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