Thursday, March 27, 2014

Review of Tmart 12 Piece Professional Brush Set in Purple

Hello Everyone
Tmart ( recently sent me a 12 piece brush set to be reviewed. This was the first time an item was sent to me. Even though this item was sent, you will get nothing but my honest opinion and impressions.

The brushes come in a convenient roll-up travel case. I love that the set is purple!
The first thing I check when getting new brushes is softness and texture.  There is nothing worst than a rough make up brush. With these brushes I was pleasantly surprised, they were soft and felt good on the skin, which is very Very important.

I usually rough up my brushes first to get the fall out hairs out of the way. Happy to see that there is no fall out here. The set comes with 12 brushes and a metallic purple roll up case, it doesn’t mention it on the listing, but I believe these are Synthetic. I prefer synthetic brushes because they can be used with creams, liquids, oil-based products. This set kind of reminds me of my Bubbi Brush set because of the case and the handles.

I used the powder brushes to either set my make up or for powder blush (currently using Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Finishing Powder). I don’t use them for creams or liquids because they are on the fluffier side so for me it’s best for powders and blending. I prefer the Beauty Blender or a flat-top brush to apply the liquid foundations or BB creams.  But these powder brushes are good at what they are made to do.

The brushes have a wood and alloy handle
The Fan-Brush can be used to sweep away eyeshadow fall out or excess powder.

The Oblique eyebrow brush is not really what I pictured, usually you would think the slanted brush.  I actually use the smaller brushes mostly for eyeshadows, the smaller ones are great for detail. I do wish the Lip Brush was a bit thicker.

As for the smudge brush (sponge) I usually use these brushes for apply glitter or correcting mistakes when I don’t have q-tips. 

Awesome Price, and Great Quality for the price
If you want a good starter set or travel kit or if you just like to try and collect brushes, then you may want to try these.

I am always excited to discover products for a good deal, I don’t believe a brush needs to cost $20 plus each to work properly. Elf studio brushes is a good example of this. These brushes are pretty and come at a very low price.

You can get the 12 piece Professional brush set here: Tmart Make Up Brushes

I haven’t had any experience purchasing from t-mart yet, so if you do buy something, please let me know how it goes.

Thank You for reading ^.^

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