Friday, November 19, 2010

Skinfood Choco Eyeline Jam in: Choco Dip Black & Choco Dip Mocha Review & Swatch

Another Skinfood review:

I got the Skinfood Choco Eyeline Jam in 2 colors : Choco Dip Black & Choco Dip Mocha.
I believe they have a total of 3 colors available , Satin Brown is the 3rd color.
It's a cream eyeliner or "soft-gel eyeliner" - according to the site, the first cream eyeliner I've ever tried. I usually kept to liquid eyeliners. It's meant to give a nice matte finish.

The packaging is a cute, jam - jar inspired, pot made of glass.
Sadly it does not come with a brush unlike most cream or gel eyeliners, so you need a tiny smudge brush, a slanted brush , or any small precise brush you are comfortable with.

These actually work pretty well and stay on for awhile. It usually stay on until I decide to take it off at the end of the day. I always wear eyeshadow primer so that might contribute to how long it lasts.

Click on photos to view Full Size
Here are some pics to show you the packaging:

It should be sealed when you receive it

Date on the bottom is manufacturing date
not expiration date.

The 2 colors look similar until you do a side by side comparison.
The color I didn't get is a much lighter color called Satin Brown

I used a small brush to swatch the eye liners on my hand
It applies smooth, well depending on the brush you use,
but its nice n creamy I'll update if it dries out on me.

nice n matte, if that's what you're looking for

Lots of product (value)
nice packaging
Good application
Long lasting

No brush
Hard to find outside of Asia
Cost more out of Asia
Comes in only 3 colors

I am currently using these for everyday make up
and I am very satisfied although if it's a special/ important occasion
I would buy a waterproof eyeliner.
I am very happy to have these as my first cream eyeliners.

visit the skinfood site:

If you have any questions just ask ^_^


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Skinfood Summer Haul

During the summer I bought a bunch of skin food products. I especially wanted to test out their Peach sake line since it is meant for pore control. Hopefully I can give reviews for most of them, some of them aren't for me . So keep posted for those reviews.
Here is some of the things I got:

Peach Sake Pore Serum
Peach Sake Emulsion
Peach Sake BB Cream
Peach Sake T-zone Block Gel
Peach Sake Concealer

Lettuce & Cucumber Matte Gel

Tomato Whitening Emulsion
Tomato Whitening Serum

Fermented Pomegranate Whitening Sleeping mask

Choco Eyeline Jam (brown & black)

Premium Brushes

Honey Red Orange Mask
Chocolate Mask

Mango Soft Cream Wax
Cherry tomato Wax
Avocado Rich Conditioner

Milky Creamy Nail Polishes
& more

I'm looking forward to writing these reviews.
Remember if you want to order some skinfood products let me know.
I will get a blog sale started soon.


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