Wednesday, November 7, 2012

SKINFOOD Honey Red Orange Mask Review

I got this a while back, it is an exfoliating scrub from Skinfood. When it first came out there were (i think) 6 types, each one featured key ingredients from around the world that are beneficial to the skin. There was the Acai Berry Mask, Acorn Jelly Mask, Ginseng Mask, Olive Mask, Chocolate Mask, & Honey Red Orange Mask. For some reason I can't find the chocolate mask on the skinfood site anymore but i bought that one too so I will review it soon too.

The packaging is too pretty and is top quality, like most skinfood products it is packaged to look like food. It's contained in a glass jar (see pics) which could pass as jam or honey. I know it looks & smells like it's good enough to eat but try not to.  Although I did get some on my lips accidentally and it had a sweet taste to it, don't eat it, and keep out of reach from children or unsuspecting people that might think it's edible.

Friday, October 26, 2012

VISS IPL Hair Removal & Skin Rejuvenation

UPDATE: I finally got the VISS and posted my review HERE

Permanent hair removal has always interested me, when I was 11... I shaved my arms O.O  I have no idea why I thought that was a good idea. Anyway the hair grew back with a vengeance and I have been thinking of ways to get it rid of it ever since! I have been thinking of getting professional electrolysis treatment, but it is costly and you need multiple treatments.  

A few years back I discovered at home IPL machines.  VISS IPL definitely caught my eye , I did my research and there has been  mixed reviews (mostly good). It wasn't enough to convince me to take the plunge since its about $600.

Then recently they came out with the
Advanced version which is 2x stronger, and now I am really tempted to get it.  It works best on light skin and dark hair. Visit the website to see if you are a candidate to use it.

Another reason VISS caught my eye is that they have a skin rejuvenation lamp cartridge. It is supposed to remove blemishes and encourage collagen production.

I am hoping to get it soon, I mean who doesn't want smooth hairless legs! I will definitely post reviews and follow ups once I get it!!

Heres a link to the website:VISS IPL Advanced

Friday, August 24, 2012

Blinging out my Hello Kitty Mirror ~

So I got this Hello Kitty compact mirror a while ago.. well someone gave it to me.
It was one of those gifts when they (friends/family)  know you love hello kitty and they get you any Hello Kitty stuff they can find even the not so official ones lol..

So when I got it I thought it was cute was obviously bootleg XD
I couldn't throw it out though, for a couple of reasons.

1. its from a loved one, 
2. Its still kinda still hello kitty, 
3. I hate wasting and throwing things out I'm a bit of a hoarder >__<

So when i got the rhinestones I decided to bling it out and I am actually really happy with the results.
Im going to do this to all the unofficial HK stuff that has been given to me lol

All I used were some 1.5mm , 2mm, and 4mm rhinestones, E-6000, Orange Stick or stick, craft tweezers , and rhinestone pencil

totally Sparkly and waay cuter now

Friday, August 17, 2012

Kawaii Hello Kitty and random resin Cabochon & Rhinestone Haul

I ordered a bunch ( a whole bunch) of really cute Resin cabochons & Rhinestones yay!
These are the kind they use for those Decora / Decoden Phone Cases... or whatever object you want to make super cute. You can also use them to make adorable accessories and jewelry
I have a lot of crafts and projects in mind ~
The cabochons are adorable, I got a variety of Hello Kitty Heads, Barbie , Roses , Little Vintage Mirrors & Brushes  (ahhh Cute). The rhinestones were shinier than I expected them to be !! I thought it would be lack lustre since they were Acrylic but they are very blingy ^_^

I will Be posting Photos of future project soon~ I have an Urge to decorate everything!
Heres a Pic of some of the cabochons check out the faux MnMs

If you want to order some check out: Cabochons Here ^_^
or on the Etsy shop: Cabochon Bulk

Bulk & Wholesale Orders are available too!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Back Again ... & Urban Decay Sale !! & UD PRO

Oh My... I haven't posted anything for almost 2 years ...Tsk Tsk
I have been swamped, but now I have time to post all of my random ramblings hehe.
Now I am back and revamping the blog a bit... it is now named Mari Biscotti (was chocomaripanda)!
I will definitely be more diligent with this ^_^

I'd like to start but letting ya'll know (if you don't already XD )
If you love Urban Decay & discounts then you'll love this!!
After coming out with their new Eye Shadows. Urban Decay is having a sale! they are selling their Vintage Eye Shadows for $9 (usually $17) on their website (big Discount)! They also have some other stuff on sale.. like their Lipstick, The Black Palette, Vegan Palette.. So check it out before it's all gone!

Urban Decay Sale Section!!

In addition to Urban Decays Official Site Having.. Hautelook is also Having an Urban Decay Event.
Don't forget to Sign Up to view the event/sale!
Hautelook has Urban Decay's All Nighter & De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray XL on Sale for $18
They also have the Vintage Eye Shadows , Matte Eye Shadows, Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss, Midnight Emergency Kit, Skull Palette, & Vegan Palette...
Check it out!

Urban Decay Pro Program
To Professional Make -up Artist that Love Urban Decay!! They now have a pro program (finally) that gives their members 40% off their cosmetics So check that out on their Official Website!!



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