Friday, August 17, 2012

Kawaii Hello Kitty and random resin Cabochon & Rhinestone Haul

I ordered a bunch ( a whole bunch) of really cute Resin cabochons & Rhinestones yay!
These are the kind they use for those Decora / Decoden Phone Cases... or whatever object you want to make super cute. You can also use them to make adorable accessories and jewelry
I have a lot of crafts and projects in mind ~
The cabochons are adorable, I got a variety of Hello Kitty Heads, Barbie , Roses , Little Vintage Mirrors & Brushes  (ahhh Cute). The rhinestones were shinier than I expected them to be !! I thought it would be lack lustre since they were Acrylic but they are very blingy ^_^

I will Be posting Photos of future project soon~ I have an Urge to decorate everything!
Heres a Pic of some of the cabochons check out the faux MnMs

If you want to order some check out: Cabochons Here ^_^
or on the Etsy shop: Cabochon Bulk

Bulk & Wholesale Orders are available too!


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