Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lazy Panda is back! out on my own with no wisdom teeth

Wow  no blogging for 2 months! well this is all due to moving out on my own during finals week! can you imagine the stress bubbles? Another happy moment is when a strange man  cut open my gums drilled into my jaw and pulled my only wisdom tooth (poor little thing) , don't worry he was a dentist.

I have sooo soo much reviews to post so please don't go anywhere and stay posted ^.^

I am still working on the blog shop, I started on weebly and then found out you need to pay to add a certain amount of products. I am working on getting it on storenvy.

There will be lots of korean products some phone cases, deco tape and more.
So if you are interested keep posted.

Im trying my best to get everything sorted, post more and grow
Feel free to follow me and leave your link if you also blog and I will check it out :)

Find me on instagram at @missmaribiscotti and let me know so i can follow back ^^

Me and my mommy :)

Stay Postive


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