Wednesday, November 7, 2012

SKINFOOD Honey Red Orange Mask Review

I got this a while back, it is an exfoliating scrub from Skinfood. When it first came out there were (i think) 6 types, each one featured key ingredients from around the world that are beneficial to the skin. There was the Acai Berry Mask, Acorn Jelly Mask, Ginseng Mask, Olive Mask, Chocolate Mask, & Honey Red Orange Mask. For some reason I can't find the chocolate mask on the skinfood site anymore but i bought that one too so I will review it soon too.

The packaging is too pretty and is top quality, like most skinfood products it is packaged to look like food. It's contained in a glass jar (see pics) which could pass as jam or honey. I know it looks & smells like it's good enough to eat but try not to.  Although I did get some on my lips accidentally and it had a sweet taste to it, don't eat it, and keep out of reach from children or unsuspecting people that might think it's edible.


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