Wednesday, November 7, 2012

SKINFOOD Honey Red Orange Mask Review

I got this a while back, it is an exfoliating scrub from Skinfood. When it first came out there were (i think) 6 types, each one featured key ingredients from around the world that are beneficial to the skin. There was the Acai Berry Mask, Acorn Jelly Mask, Ginseng Mask, Olive Mask, Chocolate Mask, & Honey Red Orange Mask. For some reason I can't find the chocolate mask on the skinfood site anymore but i bought that one too so I will review it soon too.

The packaging is too pretty and is top quality, like most skinfood products it is packaged to look like food. It's contained in a glass jar (see pics) which could pass as jam or honey. I know it looks & smells like it's good enough to eat but try not to.  Although I did get some on my lips accidentally and it had a sweet taste to it, don't eat it, and keep out of reach from children or unsuspecting people that might think it's edible.

Honey Red Orange Mask's  key ingredients are New Zealand Manuka Honey  & Californian Orange extract.

Package info about the key ingredients...

New Zealand Manuka Honey:
Collected exclusively from the flowers that grow one the New Zealand Manuka bush, this honey provides superb moisturizing properties to the skin. The New Zealand native Mooris have used the Manuka honey to care for their skin for centuries.

Californian Orange:
Oranges from California are known for their high content of sugar and vitamin C.

It comes with a little spoon which you use to mix the layers of the scrub before you apply and massage it into your face.

I love this product and love the way my skin feels like after using it! I can't wait to try the others.

The only con about skinfood is that it is difficult to come by outside of Asia like many korean products and if you do manage to find it the prices are higher than buying it in Asia.

Check out the pics to see how yummy this products looks lol


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