Sunday, November 3, 2013

Call of Duty Ghosts

Another Call of Duty coming out soon. When I first heard about Call of Duty Ghosts I wasn't that excited since I was still deep into Black Ops II.   It's a little more thrilling now, since it's coming out very very soon Nov 5 ,2013 (PS3 Version). I used to play on XBOX but for some reason got stuck on the PS3.  Although I won't be camping outside the store anytime soon, I  am very eager to receive my copy (Yay pre-ordering!!). I believe I got the Hardened edition, hmm maybe I should've got prestige.

Instead of Zombies like Black OPS II , COD Ghosts has an Alien Fighting Mode. Personally I prefer Zombies over aliens any day. Well Saiyans are aliens but thats a different story lol. When it comes to Supernatural or Extraterrestrial my interest would lean towards the former, but we shall see , COD  Ghosts might change my mind.

Ahhh and the PS4 is coming out, hmmm excited yet fearing change, am I the only one feeling like this?



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