Saturday, November 16, 2013

K-pop Doom Dada Ringa Linga

T.O.P. and Taeyang of Big Bang released their singles.  T.O.P's single totally caught me off guard didn't know it would be out so soon.

I love both their music videos and songs.  T.O.P's MV for Doom Dada is more artsy which works, and him wearing contacts at one part definitely suits him very VERY well. There are also Gorillas and big headed baby things.  It is in black and white like his MV "Turn it Up"

Taeyang's MV for Ringa Linga, of course, focus a lot on dancing. Oh and he's blonde ^.^ not bad on him, his style has definitely changed int he past years.  I actually like the blacklight effect heh. Theres also a Dance Version MV  which is just as fun to watch.

Both of the songs are very catchy :)
I swear T.O.P says "Hakunamatata"
Good Job YG entertainment, ou have some very good talent.

Also check out GD's MVs, still love listening to his Coup De'tat album


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