Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Urban Decay Motherlode Vault & Naked 3

When I first saw the Urban Decay Motherlode Palette on Sephora, I was in shock and awe. It' weird just a few days ago I was thinking about their old vault and was looking where to purchase one to store my vintage UD shadows. 

The difference is that this one comes filled with 68 full sized Urban Decay Eyeshadows & and empty 4 pan travel palette. It is a sight to behold, definitely any UD or make up lover's dream. 

Although the Urban Decay Motherlode Vault is extravagant, so is the cost. It is currently for sale at for $595, it is no longer available at  Even though the price is steep , the value is well over $1000. 

Since Urban Decay Eyeshadows are $18, it would cost $1,224 just for the shadows, not counting the lovely vault in comes in and the empty 4 pan palette that is included, so it's quite a deal.  

 Like me, most UD fans already have a lot of the shades in other palettes and previous purchases so dropping half a grand might be more of a lust than a must XD The holidays are coming up so this is definitely a great gift to give any make up addict. 

I myself definitely would not mind adding this to the collection! lol I found myself looking for excuses to buy it, but alas I found some restraint.

In other news Urban Decay Naked 3 coming up!! I'm sure many are anticipating this one, with the huge success of the previous Naked Palettes. The Naked 3 Palette will revolve around "Rose Neutrals" So keep an eye out for that.


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