Friday, December 20, 2013

VISS IPL Advanced Hair Removal Review and Results with photos

  I finally spent enough time with my VISS IPL Advanced (silver) System to review it. I purchased the skin rejuvenation lamp with it which came with one tube of pre-treatment conductive gel.

So here is what came in the box:
VISS IPL Silver Advanced System
What's in the box? 

Hair Removal Disposable Lamp Cartridge (mirror)

Skin Rejuvenation Disposable Lamp Cartridge (Green Light)

The box included:
• The VISS IPL Silver System
• Advanced IPL Hair Removal Disposable Lamp Cartridge (mirror)
• Protective Glasses
• Skin Rejuvenation Disposable Lamp Cartridge (Green Light)
• Skin Rejuvenation Pre-Treatment Conductive Gel
• Instructions

So on to my Review and Results...
I followed their recommended use. I did it consistently for 3 weeks about 3 times a week on one arm. Then I stopped and let it grow out for 3 months to see if it worked and compared both arms. Here are some photos of the results after I stopped the treatment for 3 months (excuse the hairiness lol) :
Arms Side by Side

No IPL treatments

3 months after 9 treatments

Results vary with each skin/hair type.
I stopped using it after the 3 months to see if the hair would grow back.
The hair grew back after about 6 months without treatment, although a bit sparser.

VISS IPL does mention that it's not a permanent removal but a reduction.
I believe to get truly permanent hair removal results you might have to do electrolysis.

You will need less and less treatments for VISS IPL the longer you use it.
According to their guidelines, if you keep at it for 9 months or more you would only need 1 to 2 treatments a year to stay hair free.

From my own experiences I definitely witness a reduction in hair growth. When used in combination with waxing or shaving it's definitely a useful tool to keep those unwanted hairs under control.

While I'm using the treatment I feel a slight Heat Flash, it doesn't hurt but some areas do get a bit sensitive right after treatment.

So let's look at the Pros and Cons:

• It does reduce hair growth!
• Better than going to a Spa and more cost effective
• The Cartridge covers more skin than most other IPL machines I've seen (3cm x 2cm)
• Cartridge Lamps can last up to 4,000 flashes
• Interchangeable Lamps (skin rejuvenation & acne cartridges available)

• Only works with certain skin color and hair color (lighter skin and darker hair)
• It reduces hair, but does not permanently remove it
• Have to be consistent with treatment (as with any IPL)
• Might mislead people into thinking it's completely permanent

Remove hair from area of treatment by shaving or waxing before the treatment.
If you have hair in that area the lamp will burn it and some of your skin in the process.
When this happens it tends to dry your skin.

After my little experiment , I will be continuing the treatments.

Hope this helps! 

PS. Check out their website if you think this is for you :)


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