Monday, April 14, 2014

Moving, Gifts from Japan, and Blog Shop

Again, I have not been an active blogger lately. It’s because I am in the long stressful process of moving. It involves going through all my things and sorting them,
What to keep? What to throw away? What to sell? What to Donate? 
It can be a very long process, plus I’m a bit of a hoarder so it makes it tougher.

Of course there are fun moments while cleaning and sorting, like finding long forgotten treasures!

Among the treasures I found the Souvenirs (お土産)  that my Bestie brought back from Japan a couple years back. I put it in storage and forgot >.<.  I’m so happy I found all these cute little gifts.

He bought me a Pink Hello Kitty tote bag and filled it with all kinds of goodies.
Here are some photos

I love finding forgotten goodies!

A lovely Hello Kitty Plush Pillow and Slippers

Lovely Drawstring Pouch Bags, Perfect for carrying Cosmetics

Lookie at that cute Little Smoothie Charm

These are just sooo adorable, I love rabbits! I have six of them and will write a post about them soon!

This Mickey Mouse Macaron Necklace is one of my favorites of the goodies!

This Bow ring is super cute in person

Finding lost treasures, is always a pleasant surprise and a good motivator to clean your room! lol

Blog Shop

So I will be setting up a blog shop soon, sort of a moving sale.
I need to clear my room of a lot of stuff and also raise some funds for the moving process itself.

I will be selling a lot of Korean cosmetics and Skincare products. All of it will be New, Fresh, Unopened, and Unused. 

I usually order a lot of extras and in big quantities when I shop, my mom and her friends usually have me make orders. My mom also sells to some of her co workers and my  friends also like to place orders. Anyway I always end up with extra.  I will be listing those since I need to minimize on the stuff I'm moving

Friends and Family are also giving some things to sell to help raise some funds for the move :)

I will post when the blog shop is ready.

I am open to swap with other bloggers but will probably set that up after I move, let me know if you are interested. I will have a lot of New Korean Make-up and Skin Care available as well as other cute items. I will post more information regarding this later.

Thank you for Stopping by!
Love Always, Mari

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