Thursday, February 27, 2014

Review of Etude House Correct & Care CC Cream 8 in 1 Glow and Silky

Again I'm lagging behind with my blogging >.<
I need to come up with a Speech for school and it's driving my anxiety up overdrive!

Okay to the point! I have been Using the Etude House Correct and Care CC Cream Lately , So now I can finally review them for you.

Etude House 8 in 1 Multi-Function Correct and Care CC Cream 

The 8 functions are:

• Anti-Aging
• Stress Relief
• Hydration
• Whitening
• Sun Protection (SPF30 PA++)
• Tone-up
• Smooth Texture
• Luminosity

The come in tubes with pumps (35g or 1.23 oz)
Very Compact and can easily fit in your cosmetic bag.

These don't come with an option of any shades, since it's supposed to change to match to your skin tone. What I do like about the Etude House CC Cream is that is comes with a choice of finish, Silky or Glow

When you pump it out it comes out as a white cream, then slowly adapts to your skin color.

Coverage is Light - Medium, However I use it as a base under my foundation during the day so I get the coverage and benefits of a CC Cream.

Which Finish to Choose?
It's up to your preference, 
I love the Silky finish and I definitely use it over the Glow
Living in a Hot Tropical place and it can get humid and the Silky finish helps prevent that shiny look.
If your skin is on the dry side I would go with Glow if you want that dewy finish

I find it lighter on my skin than the Skin79 BB Cream ,which why I have been using the Etude House CC Cream more lately, it also has a higher SPF

Tip: Using SPF in the day is very important ( the sun rays can reach you through windows)
but it doesn't look too well with flash photography, so if you are going to a night event try to avoid it  or too much of it. Another option is to put foundation over it.

Warning: Don't Forget the Sunblock..
My mom got stuck in traffic for a significant amount of time in direct sunlight with her windows up and AC on. The UV rays penetrated the glass and her face ended up getting severely burned and damaged. It was not the normal sunburn,  she had dark pigmentation on both cheeks for 2 years and not to mention the unseen skin damage it may have caused. So I always remind her to put on unblock, so now she never forgets her bb or cc cream. So I always stress the importance of Sunblock!

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