Wednesday, February 19, 2014

DIY: iPhone 5 Floral Skull with Hot Pink and Black Rhinestones Phone Case Decoden

Decided to do a Quick Phone DIY the other day. I was feeling hot pink and black, Phone Cases are a great way to accessorize so i always like to have different ones around.

Materials Needed:
Phone Case : Here I used an iPhone 5 5s Case
Rhinestones : Hot Pink and Black (mixed sizes)
Floral Skull Flat Back
E6000 Glue
Weldbond Glue 
Rhinestone Pencil
Pointed Tweezer
Orange Sticks
Paper Towels

Glue Large Pieces first with E6000, Let dry for about 30 min
Another option for the bow placement is...

Apply Weldbond Glue to the Eye socket of your skull using an orange stick. I like to use Weldbond for rhinestones I find it easier to work with, You can also use E6000

Get your Rhinestones ready

Apply the Hot Pink rhinestones using the rhinestone pencil and an orange stick to assist you.
The Weldbond glue will turn clear when it dries.

Now do the same for the Black Rhinestones. I usually go around the big pieces first and then fill in the spaces. Let Dry and you got yourself a new Phone Case!

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