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Skin79 Super+ Triple Functions BB Cream (Pink) Updated Review & Swatch

It's time for an updated look at the SKIN79 Triple Functions Beblesh Balm BB Cream (pink). It has since improved since my last review so let's take another look!

Skin Background, I got a bit tanned-ish due to all my recent garden projects. I just started a hydroponics garden as well as a mini garden with some veggies (my way of starting to eat healthier) but more on that later..

any way current foundation is Urban Decay Naked Foundation in 4.0
My Arms and Hand is a bit lighter than my face.

Here is some info before the review...

What is BB Cream?
Beauty Balm? Blemish Balm?
I'm sure most of everybody and their mama knows what a BB Cream is by now, but once a upon a time it was Asia's little secret. For those who haven't discovered BB Cream yet.. it is basically make-up and skincare all in one. It provides coverage, protection from the sun, and helps improve your skin as you wear it. Magical isn't it? 

Each one has special ingredients and function for your skin so go out there and discover the BB Cream for you!

What's New about the Skin79 Triple Function BB Cream?

Upgraded Ingredients: 
Tangerine Oil for Lively Skin
OSMOPUR (Sunflower, Rice Bran, Ivy, and Green Tea) Protects the Skin
Ceramide 3  Provides Moisture to the Skin
Phyto-Complex Provides Nutrition for Skin

Still Contains:
Arbutin to help Whiten Skin
Adenosine for Wrinkle improvement

What Are the Functions of Skin79 Triple Functions BB Cream?
Whitening, UV A and B Protection SPF25 PA++, Wrinkle Improvment

Arbutin extracted from the bearberry plant (safer than Hydroquinone) Helps brighten skin and even skin tone.

UVA and UVB Protection, this is very important, I cannot stress sun protection enough, maybe it's because I'm from a tropical place (aloha!) but the sun can do irreversible damage to our skin as well as speed up aging. I know sometimes I get lazy and forget sunblock plus sunblock smell is usually bleh. 
I really love the fact that my skin is protected when I have my BB Cream on.

Wrinkle Improvement, now this doesn't mean that BB Cream is only for grandmas. It is more of a prevention, prevention is the best cure. It's recommended that people start using anti-aging in their 20's or even earlier. It's easier to preserve youth than to turn back time!

Skin79 BB Cream also Functions as both make-up base and foundation, lets not forget the sebum-control properties.

Why only one shade?
It is from Korea and usually matches many skin tones there.
I understand that some people may find it too light on them, but there is a solution.

Tip 1: Use it as a base, and then apply your preferred foundation over it.
Tip 2: Mix it with a darker foundation then apply

On to my Swatches and Review:

Here is the Skin79 BB Cream on my Arm, I chose a spot with a scar I got from cooking  >.<
The Scar actually appears darker in person. The BB Cream does a well-enough job of blending it in.

I'd say the coverage is light to medium but you could always  build it up or put concealer and foundation over it, if you really need more coverage

Here it is on my hand with flash, as you can see it subtly blends and evens the skin-tone, the green veins are less visible.

The Cream looks grayish / neutral but don't be alarmed it does well with blending in the skin, and if it's too light for you follow the tips above.

It feels very light ,I actually put this on half of my face and after a while I forgot it was on, but that is without foundation or anything else just the BB Cream.

I recommend this for daily use, it's very light on its own and provides skin protection as well as helps improve skin over time.

You can still use it as a make-up base for nights out or big events but I would highly recommend this for everyday use instead. It's made for daytime , casual, easy light make-up and it does well at that.

Please be careful when buying this online as there are a lot of fakes of this product out there.

Pay attention to the item price and location

Also be careful when buying locally, I saw one of these for sale at a local korean store for $50-$60.
I understand they probably need to pay for taxes and shipping, but that's a bit steep for this particular BB cream which sells for about $24.00 to $27.00 USD in Korea or $30 USD on their official american site.

Here is a good online store to purchase it from

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