Friday, January 3, 2014

3CE 3 Concept Eyes Lip Pigment Review & Swatch

 I can't believe it's already 2014, It's time again to make our resolutions :)
May this year be full of progress and productivity for everyone. Happy 2014!!

On to my review of 3 concept eyes lip pigment. I've had my eyes on this product for a while and decided to get 2 to try out in #Issue and #Electro pink which are  both very bold colors. I really wanted #Modern White since it would be very useful with mixing and toning down colors but it was sold out. 

What are they? They are buildable, mixable lip colors. 3ce or 3 concept eyes is the cosmetics line by stylenanda. There are 7 available colors and you can mix to your heart's content to find your perfect colors.
This photo is from the official site

Below are some Photos of the product, be careful if you are not buying from the official site.
you can use these photos as a reference for authenticity.

Here are some swatches of #Issue and #Electro Pink
Please keep in mind these were taken under indoor lighting  (day-light bulbs)

I mixed 2 parts Electro Pink to 1 part Issue and got a lovely Coral 

What I Loved:
• Pigmented: the colors are very bold and I did not need to conceal my lips
• Mixable: it's always fun to explore colors
• Comfort: Feels Light on the lips
• Lasts: It does last a bit, it does leave an imprint

• You will need a Lip Brush
• Hard to apply on the go
• Can get messy

Price for these are about $13 each
size of product : 11g

I am really happy with this products and will hopefully get some more soon :)

Check out for more 3ce products

Click the image below for 3ce's Color Mix Suggestions

Thanks! XOXO Mari
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