Wednesday, May 12, 2010

EYEKO Cream Moisturizer Review & Swatch

I've actually had this for a long while now, I'm sure most of you already know about it. I'll be doing reviews & swatches of not so recent products from time to time ^_^.

Eyeko is a cosmetic brand in london, There is a Japanese influence that is why it sounds like Aiko (love, child) in japanese. Their packaging and logo features an anime like character with pink hair.

The brand's signature product is their Eyeko Cream It is a 3 in 1 Moisturizer, Highlighter, & Eye Cream.

What it's supposed to do:
Create a flawless base
Eye cream? ( not to specific on that )

Anti-Oxidants ( Vitamin A & E)
Vitamin C for "radiant, clear complexion"
infused with light reflectors

It comes in a pink jar,the cream looked more whipped when I first opened it.
There is plenty of product, it has lasted me quite a while

Hmm I dont think these photos do it justice ( will update with better pics soon)
Though you get the idea, i dont think shimmer really gets captured in photos anyway

Great if you want to add shimmer to face, sometimes I even put some on my arms, shoulders, and legs, pretty much anywhere you want to highlight or add shimmer ( not hair lol) .
I usually put a thin layer all over my face and then add some more to places I want to highlight.
(ie cheeks, nose, forehead)
When done right shimmer can look super gorgeous, just remember with eyeko cream a little goes a long way. Over doing it can make you look to shiny and give you that sweaty look >.< ★Mari
Eyeko line and Shine Eye pencils review & swatch


  1. uhm..not a very good choice for combo to oily face I guess @.@" but very nice 3 in 1 functions :D always love product that can multitask!

  2. I looove this!!
    Thanks for following btw!

  3. this looks just like nars luxor multiple!:)

  4. wiaaah.....Eyeko is sure got a lovely packaging^^ it got some shimmer ya?

  5. Ey Pretty! I'm making a review to this eyeko cream and I want to put your photos into, and, of course, link to you and your blog :) :)

    Could I use this photos???! I love your blog!!



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