Monday, May 3, 2010

Spicy Nigiri & Natto Sushi

YUM YUM Sushi..
My honey bunny got me lunch and yay it was nigiri & hand rolls! Spicy Ahi (tuna) , Spicy Scallops with tobiko (little tiny orange fish eggs) , oo and natto hand rolls.
Hehe I couldn't wait to dig in, he got it from Sushi Man , I like their prices there and they have spicy scallops.

hey just pile the scallops and ahi on there, you can hardly see the seaweed and rice, another reason why I love the place. ~ oishi

Mmm natto hand rolls, I didn't realize how many people don't like natto until recently.
I guess it's an acquired taste, since it is fermented soybeans, and it's all sticky and slimy, but don't let that stop you.Once you get used to it, it's delicious, definitely worth a try!

Other news: Got my marc ecko order today yay , got mostly hoodies and 1 pair of shoes<3 bb="" cream="" font="" make="" reviews="" soooon="" will="">

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  1. hi thanks for following ^_^ your blog is so so so cute and i loove sushi too~



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