Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Skin79 Super Plus Beblish Balm BB Cream Review & Swatch

An aspect that makes the BB cream so alluring are the variety of beneficial ingredients they put inside. It is also the ingredients that differentiate the BB creams from each other.

Skin79 Super Plus BB Cream (hot pink)
according to their site & the box the main ingredients include:

Adenosine & Arbutin: for whitening , brightening, improving elasticity, and preventing wrinkles.

Phyto Complex: Skin nutrition & Moisturizing. (soothes skin) Lotus extract: Skin flexibility (I guess it adds to the elasticity as well)
Coenzyme Q10: Skin protection
Aloe Vera: Healthy Skin
Also Contains Osmopur which contains:
Sunflower, Rice Bran , and Ivy extract that also protects your skin from various harmful conditions
So when looking for a BB cream for your self pay close attention to the ingredients and benefits and choose what is right for you.

Now that we got ingredients out of the way lets move on to the functions & review

What it is:
Skin79 Super Plus triple functions BB cream ( Hot pink Version )
(BB Cream in a "short" summary is a all in one skincare / foundation)

What it is supposed to do (functions):
SPF 25 PA+++
Wrinkle protection
Also mentions:
Skintone correction, Pore coverage, & Sebum Control

Replaces both make up base & foundation.

I love the packaging its sleek , make sure the safety seal is intact on the top where you push the pump. Safety first as there are already some fake bb creams out there.
I got it in the pump version, I think theres a tube one and a mini tube one you can put on ure phone hehe.

I like the coverage on this one, it does a good job on the pores and gives that porcelain finish. Like many BB creams it comes in one shade which is on the lighter side.
It does well in layering and does not look cakey just dont put like 100000x layers on.
when i first pumped it out it looked grayish to me and I was scared it would look dull, but it actually brightened my skin.
I'm on the lighter side right now ( havent tanned in awhile)
so this is definitely one of my faves.

I even feel like its evening my skin tone ^_^
I love BB creams because it takes the guilt away from putting on foundation.
Usually I feel wary about slapping foundation on my face, like my pores are getting clogged every minute I have it on. With BB cream its guilt free & i hardly feel it ( maybe because i'm not feeling guilty hehe) Plus the SPF protection is veeerry important. Just knowing its benefiting my skin instead of hurting it helps me rest easy.
Hoped that help

Additional Info:
Price:27,000 won on their official site
I don't think they ship internationally
You could always try other sites
prices vary and shipping charges also
Beware of fake skin79 products there are some out there
so if it's super cheap be careful also check where it's from

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Pretty Panda Shop


  1. Heya, i've just nominated you for sweet blog award! Check it out! Have a nice day xXx

  2. Sounds good to me, nice swatches btw! xoxo

  3. wah skin79 bbc, eh u knew this one got a fake? just be sure that u got original~...take care

  4. I was wondering.
    Do you use MAC makeup? If you do, what shade are you? I'm an NC30 and i'm debating on whether i should get it or not because of the shade.

  5. Like most bb creams, does this help with acne blemishes or any breakouts?



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