Thursday, May 6, 2010

NYX Bundle of Joy Haul

My NYX Bundle of Joy package came in yesterday yay~
It seems I got more than I intended lol ~sigh~ sales always get me.
I got 6 bundles, I cant wait to try them!
What I Got:
Ultimate Pearl eyeshadow bundle
Round Lipstick + Jumbo Lip Pencil + Jumbo Eye Pencil mixed bundle
Round Lipstick bundle
NYX lips bundle
Glitter Pencil Bundle
Eyelash bundle

I'll have fun playing with these ^_^
I also have a bunch of chrome shadow pigment and glitter on the go from a previous sale, those will be swatched soon!
~bai bai for now


  1. wow so much make up! :o love the lashes♥

  2. what a haul! Enjoy your new goodies. Looking forward to the swatches.

  3. omg sooo much makeup! they all look so nice :D

  4. oooooooooooh your blog is eye candy!! lol

  5. omg, that's so much make up, i'm so jealous! ilove NYX roundlipstick!

  6. wow! so many makeup!(envy here!) you can put up an online store already =), well I can't blame you, nyx are soo addicting to collect,,=)

  7. wow!! it looks like your gonna sell them because there's so many!! nonetheless I am jealous



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